In addition to his musical skills, Steven is a lifelong Martial Artist. He is a blackbelt in Okinawa-Te Karate, studying since age 4 under Renshi Adam McCauley of Go-No-Sen Karate in Peekskill, NY. After 12 years, he left training to focus on his music and attend college. 2 years ago, Steven rediscovered his martial arts passion and began studying Wing Chun, a style of kung fu, under Sifu Cho Cheung, based in Manhattan. His Martial Arts training has influenced his music, not only physically, but also in the application of concepts such as economy of motion, balance, structure and focus. 

In May of 2018, Steven was awarded a great opportunity to act for the first time in a youtube Promo for the Karate Kid TV show, Cobra Kai. The video has over 200 Million Facebook views, and over 15 Million youtube views. While this was Steven's first job as a Martial Arts Actor, he considers himself available for hire!