Natural Flavors by L.Z. Seltz

Steven Frieder - Songwriter, Lyricist, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Piano, Lead Vox.

Brittany Knapp - Background Vocals

Murph Aucamp - Drums/Percussion

Sam Smith - Bass

Kosta Galanopoulos - Mixing, Mastering, Guitar

Steve's Saxes and Flutes on recent releases by PWNT:

Saxophone Contribution for Christopher James Talio's 2020 single, "Man on a Mission".

Flute and Saxophone Contributions on Art Thief's 2019 Album Release - "Falling With Style"

Saxophone and Clarinet on Denman Maroney's 2020 Album, "Martingale" -

"By calling his latest album Martingale, veteran pianist and hyperpianist Denman Maroney is pretty much daring the adventurous listener to take a gamble on the offbeat, angular, hypnotic, often strange but mostly intoxicating vibes he cooks up with his dynamic quartet of Steven Frieder (reeds), Ratzo Harris (bass) and Bob Meyer (drums and cymbals). As you journey from the gently seductive, trippy and ambient title track opener through the lyrical, polyrhythmic endgame of “Sea Salt Sank,” you can also absorb a cool illuminating (and obscure) history lesson." - Jonathan Widran, The JW VIBE